7-8 October 2010, University of Tampere, Finland

Keynote speakers of the conference include: *Kevin Hart* (Edwin B. Kyle Professor of Christian Studies, University of Virginia) and *Shira Wolosky* (Professor of American Studies and English Literature, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

In the wake of the “immanent turns” in philosophy and cultural studies in the 1970s and 1980s transcendence was deemed a relic and a hierarchical concept that established false authority and even spiritual tyranny. In recent years thinkers in diverse fields have turned to transcendence again: not in order to rehabilitate but to rearticulate ‘transcendence’ as a concept for epistemological, literary and aesthetic criticism. It seems that philosophies of all-inclusive immanence repeat the same hegemonic mistakes for which thinkers of transcendence were previously criticised. Hence immanence needs to be radically revised and cracked open—not in order to establish other worlds or any deeper realities with their paramount Others, but so as to reveal ontological and epistemological blind spots unattainable by means of ordinary language and thought.


EAM - High and Low

The next EAM conference High and Low will be held at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan in Poland from 9-11 September 2010. Visit the conference website


Organisé par l’université de Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne en collaboration avec l’université de Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne

À Rennes, les 18, 19 et 20 mars 2010

Le livre d’artiste est une forme récente de la création où l’artiste utilise le support du livre pour produire une œuvre à part entière. Sous l’apparence inoffensive d’un livre ordinaire, souvent modeste, il cherche à intervenir dans le champ des idées et des concepts plutôt qu’à exhiber le raffinement de sa forme graphique et éditoriale.




he conference Historizing the Avant-Garde in Copenhagen on November 20-22 2009marks the completion of the five years of research activity in the Nordic Network for Avant-Garde Studies sponsored by the Nordic Council for Research (NordForsk). It will also be the occasion for the publication of the first of four volumes on The Cultural History of the Nordic Avant-Garde, edited by members of the research network. Volume 1 covers the period 1900-1925,  the three following volumes (1925-50, 1950-75 and 1975-today) will appear during the next three years. 


The concluding conference of the research network will focus on historiographical questions: What are the adequate ways of writing the history of the avant-garde? 

Who is betting on 47? / The George Maciunas Award.

The Nassauische Kunstverein Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden Art Association) proudly presents WHO IS BETTING ON 47? 

The show combines all awardees of the George-Maciunas-Award. Maria Eichhorn (1992) / Romuald Hazoume (1996) / Mona Hatoum (2000) / Dan Perjovschi - Nevin Aladag (2004) / SUPERFLEX George Maciunas Award 2009 - Driton Hajredini Career Grant 2008

Exhibition: January 18th - March 1st 2009

Finissage: FREE BEER, March 1st 2009 3-6 p.m. 

Norsk Avantgarde.



Performative sjangere

(Film, teater, performance, happenings, live-arts, dans, musikk etc)


Avantgardeseminar i Oslo 

Litteraturhuset: Kverneland 24. – 25. april 2009

arrangert av Nettverket Norsk avantgarde


Norsk Avantgarde. Performative sjangere er et 2-dagers seminar, som har til målsetning å sette fokus på avantgarde i Norge og dens performative praksis. Ett særtrekk ved avantgardens praksis er at den legger tonevekt på performative og prosessuelle aspekter ved skapelsen, og mindre vekt ved verket i sig. Dette stiller store utfordringer til analysen av avantgardens kunst, ettersom det sentrale ved den er den prosessuelle skapelsen og ikke verket som oftest er flyktig. Vi ønsker derfor å samle forskere og andre som har med avantgarde å gjøre, på et seminar i Oslo for å diskutere disse vanskelige forhold innom ulike kunstarter, og for å bygge videre på det norske faglige nettverket som har blitt etablert under to tidigere seminarer om tidskrifter og norsk avantgarde i allmennhet. 



The Archive in Motion

New Conceptions of the Archive in Contemporary Thought and New Media Practices

International Conference at Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo, March 13th 2009


This conference investigates the current proliferation of the concept of the archive. The concept has expanded to areas beyond the classical archive, to art, philosophy, and new text and media practices. Simultaneously, these new practices both resist and transform the archival, perhaps creating what one may call a new anarchival condition. 


CUNY Graduate Center on September 24 and 25, 2009.

In celebration of its tenth year, Belladonna*/** will join with The CUNY Graduate Center's Women's Studies Certificate Program, Center for Research on Women and Society, Center for Humanities, Poetics Group, and English Department to present a conference aimed at advancing and broadcasting the life of Feminist Avant-Garde Poetics and Activism Today. 



Codex and Code. Aesthetics, Language, and Politics in an Age of Digital Media, Norlit Conference, Stockholm, August 6–9, 2009

The aim of this session is to disentangle both the actual uses and the potential meanings of the concept of "language materialism", tracing its genealogy to the materiality of the linguistic sign (sound, visual constellation, typography, etcetera), but also to the media-technological materiality of literary practice and the social materiality of language.  


Conference, 2-4 July 2009

At Queen Mary University of London

Back to the Futurists: Avant-gardes 1909-2009 is an international conference called with the aim of reassessing the contribution of Futurism to Modernism and tracking its enduring legacy in cultural movements around the world.