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Om Netværket

Nordisk Netværk for Avantgardestudier er et nordisk forskningsnetværk støttet af Nordforsk 2004-2007. Nordisk Netværk for Avantgarde Studier vil styrke og koordinere mindre og spredte nationale forskningsmiljøer, bidrage til at fremme udveksling af viden om forskelle og ligheder mellem de nordiske lande og gøre nordisk avantgardeforskning internationalt synlig. Nordisk Netværk for Avantgardestudier afholder en årlig konference. Netværket danner også ramme for udarbejdelsen af De nordiske avantgarders kulturhistorie i 4 bind og et elektronisk arkiv for dokumenter fra de nordiske avantgarder. Det nordiske forskningsnetværk er en videreudvikling af det danske forskningsnetværk ”Avantgardernes genkomst og aktualitet” støttet af Det humanistiske Forskningsråd 2001-2004. Under forberedelse er et Europæisk Netværk for Avantgarde og Modernisme Studier, EAM, hvis første konference afholdes i Ghent, Belgien, maj 2008.

About the Network

The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies is supported by Nordforsk 2004-2007. The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies aims to support and coordinate small and dispersed national centres of research, help promote the exchange of knowledge about differences and similarities among the avant-garde currents and research in the Nordic countries, and make Nordic avant-garde research visible in a European and international context. The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies has a yearly conference. Within the Network an editorial group is preparing a four-volume Cultural History of the Nordic Avant-Gardes and an electronic archive of documents from the Nordic avant-gardes. The Nordic network is an extension of the Danish research network ”The Return and Actuality of the Avant-Gardes” supported by the Danish Research Council 2001-2004. A European Network of Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies, EAM, is under preparation and will have its first conference in Ghent in May 2008.
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A Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries 1900-1925

Dear Members of the Nordic Avant-Garde Network,

Here at long last is the first volume of The Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries. We are really happy to see it materialize at last.

Those of you who have already paid for the volume as part of the 2009 conference fee, please wait to have your copy sent to your address.

Hurray and all the best

Dear Madam/Sir,
Editions Rodopi is pleased to present you a new publication edited by Hubert van den Berg, Irmeli Hautamäki, Benedikt Hjartarson, Torben Jelsbak, Rikard Schönström, Per Stounbjerg, Tania Ørum and Dorthe Aagesen:

A Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries 1900-1925.

Special offer is given to friends and colleagues of the author with 30% discount. See attachment.
Should you wish to take advantage of this offer, kindly return the form to orders@rodopi.nl <mailto:orders@rodopi.nl>
For more information of the book, please refer to: http://www.rodopi.nl/senj.asp?BookId=AVANT+28
With kind regards,
Harm Hollestelle
Editions Rodopi 

CFP:The European artistic avant-garde c. 1910-30: formations, networks and trans-national strategies

A three-day interdisciplinary symposium is organized by Art History, Södertörn University, 11- 13 September 2013. Attention will be given to the avant-gardes of the period c. 1910-1930 across Europe, with a certain focus on those of the Nordic Countries, Central and Eastern Europe, and their orientation to the Parisian avant-garde.

Keynote speakers:
Professor David Cottington (Kingston University, London)
Professor Piotr Piotrowski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)
Venues: Södertörn University and Moderna Museet, Stockholm

At a time when modernist art history of the early avant-garde is urgently questioned from different positions, an exploration of theoretical tools for the study of the early avant-garde and its transnational strategies is needed, as well as a mapping of the research within the field that is now developing in different parts of Europe. This symposium is intended as a starting-point for such (a) collective project (s).

CFP: MSA 15: Modernism and the Commons

How can modernism help us theorize aspects of the “commons” (culture as a commons, life-in-common, the multitude, etc.) and what might the concept of the commons contribute to our understanding of modernism? 

We are interested in papers that touch on modernist enclosures of the commons (e.g., aggressive assertions of copyright and the implications thereof) as well as modernist contributions to theorizing the commons, the “common reader,” or community. Potential topics range therefore from the cultural economy of modernism, the “common reader,” copyright and intellectual property, the general intellect, the multitude, knowledge work and immaterial labor, among others. 

Papers that cross national, historic, generic or disciplinary boundaries are welcome, as are digital humanities papers/projects on modernist archives/texts/artifacts in relation to creative commons, the public domain and open access. 

Note: remove the [ ] around the @ in the email address below when sending an abstract!

Conference Location: Brighton, UK
Conference Starts: August 29, 2013
Conference Ends: September 01, 2013

CFP Submission Deadline: March 08, 2013