Om Netværket

Nordisk Netværk for Avantgardestudier er et nordisk forskningsnetværk støttet af Nordforsk 2004-2007. Nordisk Netværk for Avantgarde Studier vil styrke og koordinere mindre og spredte nationale forskningsmiljøer, bidrage til at fremme udveksling af viden om forskelle og ligheder mellem de nordiske lande og gøre nordisk avantgardeforskning internationalt synlig. Nordisk Netværk for Avantgardestudier afholder en årlig konference. Netværket danner også ramme for udarbejdelsen af De nordiske avantgarders kulturhistorie i 4 bind og et elektronisk arkiv for dokumenter fra de nordiske avantgarder. Det nordiske forskningsnetværk er en videreudvikling af det danske forskningsnetværk ”Avantgardernes genkomst og aktualitet” støttet af Det humanistiske Forskningsråd 2001-2004. Under forberedelse er et Europæisk Netværk for Avantgarde og Modernisme Studier, EAM, hvis første konference afholdes i Ghent, Belgien, maj 2008.

About the Network

The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies is supported by Nordforsk 2004-2007. The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies aims to support and coordinate small and dispersed national centres of research, help promote the exchange of knowledge about differences and similarities among the avant-garde currents and research in the Nordic countries, and make Nordic avant-garde research visible in a European and international context. The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies has a yearly conference. Within the Network an editorial group is preparing a four-volume Cultural History of the Nordic Avant-Gardes and an electronic archive of documents from the Nordic avant-gardes. The Nordic network is an extension of the Danish research network ”The Return and Actuality of the Avant-Gardes” supported by the Danish Research Council 2001-2004. A European Network of Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies, EAM, is under preparation and will have its first conference in Ghent in May 2008.
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Call for essays

Academica Press, LLC (Bethesda, MD; Palo Alto, CA; Dublin and Oxford) is pleased to announce a call for essays to be included in an edited collection entitled: Origins of Literary Modernism in England.
 The aim of the volume is to examine nascent movements, genre shifts, developing authors, and controversial themes as they emerged in both poetry and prose.  We are less interested in the obscure and the Irish literary revival and more concerned with the essence of the creative nexus of London from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century (up to around 1911).  We are less interested in essays completely focused on the –isms of the period but more focused on particular authors (individually or grouped) through their representative works.  We are looking for previously unpublished essays only, from established and beginning scholars world-wide.
We are aware that this specific topic has been treated previously; so, to name a few: P.N. Furbank et al., Modernism and Its Origins (1975); Michael Levenson, A Genealogy of Modernism (1984); Sanford Schwartz, The Matrix of Modernism (1985); Sydney Kaplan, Katherine Mansfield and the Origins of Modernist Fiction (1991); Stan Smith, The Origins of Modernism (1994); Brendan Wallace, The Origins of British Modernism (1998); and of course some more comprehensive collections, notably Malcolm Bradbury and James McFarlane’s, Modernism (1976; 1991).  In fact, precisely because of the continued interest in modernism (Modernist Studies Association in America and the Centre for Modernist Studies, Univ. of Sussex), we invite prospective authors to revisit these volumes and question the nature of early modernism with renewed vigor.
 As a suggestion, some individual authors to consider (even paired or grouped collectively) might include (listed here alphabetically), again with emphasis on origins and London as a source:
 A. Bennett
 F.H. Bradley
 J. Conrad
 H. Doolittle (HD)
 T.S. Eliot
 F.S. Flint
 F.M. Ford
 E.M. Forster
 T. Hardy
 T.E. Hulme
 H. James
 J. Joyce
 D.H. Lawrence
 W. Lewis
 K. Mansfield
 G.E. Moore
 J.M. Murry
 W. Pater
 E. Pound
 L. Strachey
 E. Thomas
 H.G Wells
 O. Wilde
 V. Woolf
 W.B. Yeats
 We would request finished essays in MLA style by June 2008.  We are looking for good, clear writing on solid authors, extensive use of scholarly resources, and polished essays around 20-25 pages in length.
 Proposals (with a very brief biography) or inquiries may be submitted either on paper format or (preferably) by e-mail (with a clear subject line; no attachments please) to:
 Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D.
 Associate Professor of English
 St. Francis College
 180 Remsen Street – Room 6005
 Brooklyn Heights, New York 11201 USA
 gtague *at* stfranciscollege *dot* edu