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Om Netværket

Nordisk Netværk for Avantgardestudier er et nordisk forskningsnetværk støttet af Nordforsk 2004-2007. Nordisk Netværk for Avantgarde Studier vil styrke og koordinere mindre og spredte nationale forskningsmiljøer, bidrage til at fremme udveksling af viden om forskelle og ligheder mellem de nordiske lande og gøre nordisk avantgardeforskning internationalt synlig. Nordisk Netværk for Avantgardestudier afholder en årlig konference. Netværket danner også ramme for udarbejdelsen af De nordiske avantgarders kulturhistorie i 4 bind og et elektronisk arkiv for dokumenter fra de nordiske avantgarder. Det nordiske forskningsnetværk er en videreudvikling af det danske forskningsnetværk ”Avantgardernes genkomst og aktualitet” støttet af Det humanistiske Forskningsråd 2001-2004. Under forberedelse er et Europæisk Netværk for Avantgarde og Modernisme Studier, EAM, hvis første konference afholdes i Ghent, Belgien, maj 2008.

About the Network

The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies is supported by Nordforsk 2004-2007. The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies aims to support and coordinate small and dispersed national centres of research, help promote the exchange of knowledge about differences and similarities among the avant-garde currents and research in the Nordic countries, and make Nordic avant-garde research visible in a European and international context. The Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies has a yearly conference. Within the Network an editorial group is preparing a four-volume Cultural History of the Nordic Avant-Gardes and an electronic archive of documents from the Nordic avant-gardes. The Nordic network is an extension of the Danish research network ”The Return and Actuality of the Avant-Gardes” supported by the Danish Research Council 2001-2004. A European Network of Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies, EAM, is under preparation and will have its first conference in Ghent in May 2008.
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Call for Papers: The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study 's 97th annual meeting

The Scandinavianists at Augustana College welcome the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study to its 97th annual meeting, which will be held in the Quad Cities area of Davenport, Iowa/Rock Island, Illinois, April 26-28, 2007.

Topics to be addressed are open to all fields that relate to Scandinavian studies. Single paper submissions are welcome, but the organizers encourage participants to confer with colleagues about forming panels of shared interest to submit as a group of three or four.

Submissions by e-mail may be made by sending the proposal in the body of a standard e-mail letter to sass2007@okstate.edu by 5 January 2007 (notice date change).

Proposals from those unable to utilize electronic submission must be received by 5 January by Jason Lavery, Department of History, Oklahoma State University, 501 Life Sciences West, Stillwater, OK 74078 USA (fax +1-405-744-5400).

Those interested in chairing a panel are also encouraged to contact Jason Lavery.

Nytt nummer av litteraturtidsskriftet Kuiper

Tirsdag 19. desember slippes Kuiper 4/2006. Litteraturtidsskrift redigeres fra Tromsø. Denne gangen er menyen innsausa i ribbefett og pynta med julekitsch som garantert blir hengende til påske.


Kuiperkjede: Ringdans der 24 samtidsforfattere biter hverandre i halen.

Karens jumperstag: OuLiPo-prinsipp prøvd ut på nasjonalhelligdommen Karens jul

Poesiåret 2005: Poesien er ferskvare og glemmes ofte fortere enn de huskes. Heldigvis har Kuiper-redaksjonen bedre hukommelse enn de fleste og leser diktsamlingene fra 2005 i 2006.

Julenøtter: Tidenes mest ambisiøse julenøtter i norgeslitteraturen?

Det blir slippfest på Verdensteateret i Tromsø 19. desember 19:00. Arrangementet er et samarbeid med Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening. Opplev Jens Harald Eilertsen i samtale med forfatter- og oversetter Thomas Lundbo om OuLiPo og oversettelsen.

Har du ikke kjøpt de siste julegavene ennå?
Ved bestilling av abonnement før 31.12.06 får du et årsabonnement til kr 200,- (mot vanlig pris 350,-)
(for bibliotekene 250,- mot 400,-)

Hilsen Kuiper


Recently published by Charles University Press


ed. Martin Machovec ISBN 80-7308-129-6 (paperback) 95pp Publication date: 2006
Publisher: Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy v Praze
Price: Euro 10.00 (postage not included)


Tracing the roots of the literary underground in Czechoslovakia, from 1950s samizdat to the Plastic People of the Universe.

Contributions by:
I.M. Jirous, Paul Wilson, Egon Bondy, Jachym Topol

Themeissue of Ritið: Avant-Garde

The first volume of Ritið, the journal of the Faculties of the Humanities at the University of Iceland, in 2006 is devoted to the theme avant-garde.

The volume contains seven articles based on papers that were presented at the conference “Avant-Garde: Emergence, History and Actuality” in Reykjavik, September 2nd and 3rd 2005. Ástráður Eysteinsson discusses the relation of the terms modernism and avant-garde in a case study of Franz Kafka´s works. Hubert van den Berg presents a reproduction of the connections between the Icelandic artists Jón Stefánsson and Finnur Jónsson with the historical avant-garde movements in Europe. Benedikt Hjartarson describes the reception of the avant-garde in Iceland in the 1920s and discusses the constitutive role played by avant-garde aesthetics in the discourse on Icelandic culture in the period. Sascha Bru discusses the relation of avant-garde and politics and offers a critical approach to older writings on that subject. Tania Ørum discusses problems related to the use of the terms historical avant-garde and neo-avant-garde in an analysis of the aesthetic practices of avant-garde movements of the post-war era. Halldór Björn Runólfsson´s article reflects the paradoxical relation between the manifestoes of the historical avant-garde and its aesthetic achievements in a broader perspective, as well its relation to the contemporary art scene. Geir Svansson focusses on the writings of the Icelandic avant-garde writer, musician and artist Megas, and their relation to the tradition of avant-garde and amodernism.

The volume further contains Icelandic translations of chapters from Peter Bürger’s Theorie der Avantgarde and Hal Foster’s The Return of the Real. Finally, the volume contains five new translations of poems of the historical avant-garde in Germany by Franz Gíslason, along with an introduction by Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson, and reproductions of pictures by three avant-garde artists, Megas, Dagur Sigurðarson and Róska.

Editors: Gunnþórunn Guðmundsdóttir and Ólafur Rastrick

Guest editor for this volume: Benedikt Hjartarson.

For those interested in ordering a copy of the volume, please contact

Margrét Guðmundsdóttir (mgu@hi.is )

Hugvísindastofnun Háskóla Íslands
s. 525 4462


Literature for Europe: European Identities and European Literature in a Globalizing World
Vadstena Klosterhotell, Sweden
12-16 May 2007
Chaired by: Theo L. D’haen
(Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, BE)

Scientific programme and application form are accessible on-line through www.esf.org/conferences/07230.

(closing date for application & for abstract submission: 28 February 2007).

Some grants available for young researchers to cover the conference fee and possibly part of the travel costs.

Download this flyer for more information.

Conference-report: From Concrete Poetry to Digital Poetry

Copenhagen, November 9-10 2006

See the complete program here.

The conference was organised by the Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies in cooperation with The Georg Brandes School and The Copenhagen Doctoral School in Cultural Studies, Literature, and the Arts (KLIK). The papers from the conference will be published in a special-issue of Nypoesi.

Claus Clüver, Indiana University, gave two lectures: first "Post-Colonial Avant-Garde or Modernist Arrière-Garde?" where he focused on the poetic production of the “Noigandres” group during the “heroic phase” of Brazilian Concrete poetry, and secondly "II. The Noigandres Poets, Eugen Gomringer, and Concrete Art." where the work of the poets that gave the “Noigandres” it’s name, were compared to Swiss and Brazilian Concrete painting and sculpture.

Tania Ørum, University of Copenhagen, gave a lecture on Danish Concrete Poetry, and focused on the few important years in the 60’s when concrete poetry in Denmark was pioneered in the little magazine digte for en daler, and later continued it’s life in a modified version in the so-called ‘system poetry’.

Jesper Olsson, Stockholm University, based his lecture "Knead the Language, Manipulate the World: A Look at Swedish Concrete Poetry in the 1960s", on his phd-thesis Alfabetets använding (2005), and focused his paper on text-sound compositions and especially the three poets Öyvind Fahlström, Bengt Emil Johnson and Åke Hodell.

Anna Katharina Schaffner, University of Edinburgh, also based her lecture on her phd-thesis: "From Concrete Poetry to Digital Poetry", and focused on the reconception of poetic space and it’s poetics; how language on the screen differs from language on the paper.

Christian Yde Frostholm, writer and editor at AfsnitP, talked about "Digitalising Swedish Concrete Poetry" based on the Konkretpoesi.se-project, focusing on the aspect of establishing new technologies of reading, providing new concrete readings performed digitally.

Two contemporary writers were invited under the headline "Reinventing Concrete Poetry Today". Jesper Olsson introduced and interviewed the Swedish writer Anna Hallberg, who read from her work and talked about her poetics. Audun Lindholm, University of Bergen, provided a reading and contextualisation of the Norwegian poet Monica Aasprongs latest work, as Aasprong read and gave other examples from, and talked about the (unconscious) concrete poetry-legacy in her work.

The Danish concrete poet Vagn Steen, former editor of digte for en daler, wrapped it all up and completed a good conference by spontaneously performing some of his concrete-visual poems from the 60’ties onwards. There was a good attendance on the conference, and very lively discussions.

Martin Glaz Serup


See the pictures from the Centre–Periphery.
Avant-Garde and the Other
-conference in Tromsø here.